Thinking about and planning for end of life can be difficult if you go it alone. Having a compassionate estate planner to help you through the process can make the process easier and make you feel secure in your decisions.

Zachary Brown enjoys working with people to strategize how their assets can be protected. He understands that talking about one’s own death is trying, but works to make clients feel comfortable in deciding how to deal with their affairs. A teacher at heart, Zach will explain the law as it pertains to clients’ specific situation and is always willing to answer questions.

Potential Documents Involved

Estate planning includes creating materials that protects your assets after death and those that protect you during times when you may be incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.

Asset-Protection Documents: Wills and Trusts protect your assets and family after your death and direct how your estate should be administered.

Incapacity Documents: A General Power of Attorney gives authority to an individual (or individuals) to make legal and financial choices when you are unable. A Health Care Power of Attorney gives authority to an individual (or individuals) to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to make such choices. An Advance Directive/Living Will directs doctors and your Health Care Power of Attorney how you want to be treated in certain end-of-life situations.

The Process

After filling out an extensive questionnaire, clients will meet with Zach to discuss their situation and what goals they may want to achieve with their estate. Following this meeting, Zach will get to work on documents and follow up with any questions, maintaining communication throughout the process. Another brief meeting will follow after drafts are completed so that clients can look over their documents, ask questions, and make any necessary changes before signing. Last, clients will sign their documents at a signing ceremony.


If you and your family want to start the process of planning your estate, schedule a meeting or give Zach a call at 615-852-5679 today.